Primary Investigator:


Rodrigo Siqueira Reis

Rodrigo Reis, 39, is Professor and Researcher at Pontiff Catholic of Parana and Federal University of Parana and Federal University of Parana (Brazil).

Dr. Reis has an MSc in Physical Activity and Health (2001) and a PhD in Ergonomics (2005) and works as researcher and consultant in community physical interventions and health behavior change projects in Brazil. He is currently working in projects with partnerships between US and Brazil such as Project GUIA (Guide for Community in Latin America), Research Capacity Building for Physical Activity and Public Health in Brazil. In the last years as part of the IPEN Network (International Physical Activity and Environment Network) he has adapted and developed environmental measures related to physical activity and has applied them in research projects. The current project connected to this network examines the association of built and perceived environment with physical activity and quality of life in Curitiba – Brazil. He has spoken at physical activity conferences in Brazil and in other countries and is reviewer in scientific journals. He is on the Board of Brazilian Society for physical activity and Consultant in the Ministry of Health and National Industrial Social Service.


Pedro Curi Hallal

Pedro C. Hallal, has a degree in Physical Education (2000), Masters (2002) and Ph.D. (2005) in Epidemiology at Federal University of Pelotas. Currently Dr. Hallal serves as adjunct professor at the Federal University of Pelotas in the Physical Education Department and in the Post Graduate Department of Epidemiology. He also is a technical adviser of the Ministry of Health in the area of physical activity and health.
Dr. Hallal serves as editor-in-chief of the Brazilian Journal of Physical Activity and Health, and is one of the founding members of the Brazilian Society of Physical Activity and Health and a member affiliate of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.  He is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.  Dr. Hallal has published more than 100 scientific articles and book chapters since 2003 and has co-authored books.


Alex Florindo

Alex Florindo graduated with a degree in Physical Education (1996) and is a sanitarian graduated from the School of Public Health, University of São Paulo (1997). He holds an MPH (2000) and Ph.D. in Public Health (2003) from the School of Public Health, University of São Paulo. He finished his Post-Doctorate in Public Health Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, at the University of São Paulo in 2005. He is currently a Professor at the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities at the University of Sao Paulo, where he lectures on Fundamentals of Physical Activity, Physical Activity Epidemiology and Advanced Studies in Public Health and Physical Activity. He is also currently the Scientific Director of the Brazilian Society of Physical Activity & Health and is the coordinator of the Research Group in Epidemiology of Physical Activity and Health at University of Sao Paulo.

Research Team:

Adriano Akira Ferreira Hino - Research Assistant

Adriano has a BSc in Physical Education and is MSc student in Physical Activity and Health. As part of the IPEN project in Brazil his main responsibility is GIS analysis.

Rogerio Cesar Fermino - Research Assistant

Rogerio has a BSc in Physical Education, MSc in Sports Science and is PhS student in Physical Activity and Health. As part of the IPEN project in Brazil his main responsibility is coordinate the physical activity measurement with accelerometers and also fieldwork coordination.

Projeto E.S.P.A.C.O.S de Curitiba - Entendendo as práticas de atividade física na comunidade
Project SPACEs of Curitiba - Understanding the physical activity practices in the community


Brazil’s IPEN study will be conducted in Curitiba, the capital of Parana state located in the South region of Brazil with a population of approximately 1.797.408 inhabitants and 84.8% of whites Latinos.  Curitiba has been considered a reference in health promotion and in quality of life, especially because of green areas and sustainable development strategies.

The goals of this IPEN study are to explore: a) the association between walkability and both leisure and transport physical activity; b) association between quality of life, physical activity and access to public open spaces. A total of 16 census tracts from eight neighborhoods will be selected based in the walkability and SES variability. The eligible population are adults, aged from 18 to 65 years (53% women), distributed in all 75 neighborhoods in the city. Participants will be recruited through a random sample in selected census tracts and they will be face to face interviewed. Following IPEN recommendations, the final sample size will be 512 people (30 in each neighborhood) and we also will extract a sub-sample of 270 people (9 in each neighborhood) to monitor physical activity through accelerometers. Participants will be interviewed using the international physical activity questionnaire (IPAQ), abbreviate neighborhood walkability scale (ANEWS), and also measures of psychosocial factors related to physical activity.

The IPEN funding will be mainly used to support data collection, for both in person interviews and accelerometers delivering, and also technical assistance for accelerometry analysis and data management


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