Primary Investigator:


Olga Lucia Sarmiento




Luis Fernando Gomez


Co-Investigator/GIS Expert:


Jose David Pinzon



Colombia’s IPEN study is a cross-sectional study that will be conducted in Bogotá, a city located 2,630m above sea level in the Andes.  This study will use a multistage stratified sampling design. To obtain the 500 individuals required for the analysis, we will select a random sample of 750 individuals within 20 neighborhoods (25-30 individuals per cluster after non response rate) of the sample evaluated in 2005. Briefly, the sample of neighborhoods was done previous stratification by socioeconomic status (SES), slope, proximity to TransMilenio (public transport), and proximity to public parks were selected. PA will be measured using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire and accelerometers during the first semester of the second year. Since we do not have seasons, PA patterns are only expected to change during main holidays that is December, January and on April (holy week). The data collection will be through administered questionnaires. Households selected will be visited by interviewers up to 12 times to attempt to interview the selected adult. For the 500 adults who will wear the accelerometer, the interviewer will return 1 week later to collect the accelerometer. The interviewer will also deliver the participant incentive once complete data is verified. In addition for the individuals who will have accelerometers we will make 2 phone calls to remind them to use the device. The profile we have used for interviewers are social workers all of them women.  Built environment characteristics will include the dimensions of density, diversity, design, and access to mass-transit will be constructed for neighborhoods and for a 500m buffer from the centroid of the blocks. Analysis will be conducted multilevel modeling.

Cervero, R., Sarmiento, O.L., Jacoby, E., Gomez, L.F. & Neiman, A. (2009). Influences
of Built Environments on Walking and Cycling: Lessons from Bogotá. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 3, 203-226.  Full text

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