The Global Positioning Systems in Health Research Network (GPS-HRN) was launched at the 2009 International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity Conference in Cascais, Portugal (June 17-20). The primary purpose of the GPS-HRN is to establish and maintain a communication forum that allows GPS researchers to share their ideas and experiences. The GPS-HRN will also provide members with regular updates on the latest GPS-related research and technological developments.

The GPS-HRN currently has 165 members from 23 countries. Our members have a wide range of research interests, ranging from physical activity, obesity, and epidemiology to urban planning, transport, and geography. In addition to a triannual newsletter, GPS-HRN members have access to a website and discussion forum, which enables members to interact and collaborate on future research initiatives.

The GPS-HRN will also maintain strong links with IPEN, and we would welcome any IPEN members who would like to join the GPS-HRN. There will clearly be substantial overlap between these networks and scope for future collaboration. GPS researchers hope to share data and algorithms to clean and process GPS data through the online Physical Activity Location Measurement System (PALMS) being developed by researchers at University of California, San Diego as part of the NIH Gene and the Environment Initiative.

At present there is no official funding for the GPS-HRN. We are in the process of investigating funding sources to help maintain the website and to extend the capacity of the network. We will keep you updated as we progress.

To become a member of GPS-HRN, please visit and follow the link on the top right of the page to apply for membership. For any other enquiries, contact Dr. Scott Duncan at


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